SMI Tom Hughes Collaboration Award

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Tom Hughes was a long-recognized supply chain leader and tireless innovator, pioneer, and creator who was at the forefront of promoting the power of provider-supplier collaborations to create impactful and lasting positive change in the industry. The SMI Tom Hughes Collaboration Award has been established to recognize efforts that involve both supply chain trading partners successfully collaborating to bring innovation, discovery, and improvements to the healthcare supply chain. 

The award recognizes members of the SMI community who have successfully collaborated to solve a problem together and achieved measurable results. Awards will be presented annually at the Fall Forum as determined by the Tom Hughes Collaboration Award Committee.  Many thanks to Steve Gundersen, Jim Francis, Matt Gattuso, and Dennis Orthman for volunteering their time to serve on this committee.

 Tom Hughes Collaboration Award Application Details

AWARD ELIGIBILITY (To be considered for an SMI Tom Hughes Collaboration Award):

  • SMI provider and industry partner members are co-applicants in good standing who work collaboratively to solve a real-world problem or challenge
  • A single member organization of SMI that demonstrates consistent and innovative collaboration with their partners
  • An individual member who exemplifies the collaborative spirit and nature of Tom Hughes
  • A completed nomination form by August 15th 


  • Complexity of problem being solved
  • Effectiveness and ability to measure results/benefits 
  • Sustainability of the collaboration
  • Identification of best practice and innovation for the industry


  • SMI press release to industry media contacts and a PR template and photos for internal and external use
  • Forum registrations for additional members from each organization
  • Posting on the SMI web site
  • Exclusive invitation to share this collaboration story with the SMI community and more broadly with the healthcare supply chain


  • August 15, 2022 for Fall 2022
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