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SMI’s Latest Programs

SMI programs represent the collective power of our members as they lead, learn, connect and transform the industry. These programs are designed to move the industry forward through mentorship, collaboration, and education. Learn more below about some of the current SMI programs…


Since its inception, SMI has worked to fulfill its mission of advancing supply chain performance. As a result, numerous assessments of industry related issues/problems, educational activities and tools have been developed.  Advocacy presents SMI with an opportunity to enable transformative change resulting in improvements to long recognized problems or challenges in the industry.

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The Advancing Women Leaders program brings together mentors, sponsors, and mentees from SMI member organizations for the advancement of women into senior leadership positions. Women currently only account for 15% of leadership roles in supply chain. This program strives to close this gap by guiding women in leveraging their networks while changing the corporate system to a more inclusive and diverse landscape. SMI members nominate a mentee and participate in the 12-month program as their sponsor. Members of the SMI Board of Directors (link) serve as mentors. Through this structured, first of its kind program, SMI is building a framework for mentoring women in supply chain while creating metrics and measurements to ensure success!

Tom Hughes Award


Tom Hughes (SMI Executive Director from 2004 ‚Äď 2021) was a long-recognized supply chain leader and tireless innovator, pioneer, and creator who was at the forefront of promoting the power of provider-supplier collaborations to create positive change in the industry. The¬†SMI Tom Hughes Collaboration Award¬†has been established to recognize individuals and organizations who demonstrate a consistent and innovative spirit of collaboration in their day-to-day interactions. Awards are presented annually at SMI Forums where award recipients share this collaboration story with the entire SMI community.

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The SMI / SNS workgroup was developed to allow for meaningful, strategic dialogue between SNS leaders and SMI members to exchange insights that support the successful evolution of the SNS. SMI serves as a conduit to support the broad education efforts of the SNS to the healthcare marketplace. SMI members are working on various pilot projects that create learning opportunities to support the SNS mission to supplement and re-supply state and local public health agencies in the event of an emergency. In addition, the relationship serves to provide input to the SNS as they work to redesign the stockpile to better prepare for, and respond to, future emergencies. SMI provides insight into the healthcare provider supply chain and the broader supply chain from manufacturer to consumption, and the SNS is using this insight as they develop version 2.0 of the stockpile. This work will be an ongoing partnership to improve national, state, and local emergency response.

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SMI’s Emerging Leaders Scholarship is awarded to emerging leaders in the healthcare supply chain field who will be invited to participate in SMI Forums to enhance their career by networking and learning from the industry’s top supply chain thought leaders. This Scholarship represents a commitment from the SMI member community to continuous learning by supporting professionals in the beginning phase of serving in leadership roles.