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About Councils

Working in teams to address current challenges and create the future innovative and resilient supply chain

SMI’s Thought Leadership Councils represent certain strategic imperative “Pillars” that SMI and its members embrace and lead through sustainable programs and models that are essential for creating an innovative, cohesive, and resilient supply chain.

Ready to make an impact? SMI Thought Leadership Councils give members the opportunity to work side-by-side with industry peers to connect on key, strategic topics over time that are shaping the future healthcare supply chain. Each Council is co-chaired by a provider and an industry partner SMI member who guide and coordinate actions to achieve the Council’s shared goals.

Goals and Functions

SMI created Thought Leadership Councils to maximize our members’ ability to transform and positively impact the industry. To achieve this, the Councils:

  • Develop a strategic approach by promoting best practices, tracking emerging trends, and identifying and providing oversight for SMI initiatives.
  • Create innovative and progressive solutions to current and anticipated supply chain challenges.
  • Generate recommendations for educational content, including webinars, programs, and articles.
  • Recommend and implement tools from other organizations.

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