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About Membership

Leaders transforming the healthcare supply chain

Supply chain is at the center of healthcare innovation today — and SMI members are leading that transformation. SMI members work together to create meaningful improvements in supply chain agility, efficiency, and resilience.

Unique rewards

SMI members enjoy a set of benefits that is unique in the healthcare industry:

Real Impact.

Take an active role in moving the healthcare supply chain forward through innovative initiatives focused on driving transformational improvements. Roll up your sleeves and contribute to new tools and solutions that make the industry more effective for both providers and industry partners through participation in SMI Thought Leadership Councils.

Valuable Relationships.

Build productive relationships with other senior leaders in an open, non-commercial environment focused on collaboration and teamwork.

Exclusive Events.

Our twice-annual SMI Forums are the preeminent venues to learn from industry experts and thought leaders, network with peers, and gain new insights that will improve performance at your own organization. SMI Special Events offer unprecedented access to state-of-the-art facilities to observe cutting-edge supply chain innovations.

Insights on Demand.

Access SMI2U webinars to explore groundbreaking topics. You can share access with colleagues, leaders, and staff in your own organization.

Tools You Can Use.

Access tools to make your own organization more effective — from new strategies to best practices. Explore the SMI Toolbox.

Members-only Content and Resources.

Access to Quick Quizzes, Podcasts, the SMI Connect app, and the SMI member directory.

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Experience the satisfaction of making a positive and transformational impact on healthcare through relationships that are built through collaboration, teamwork, trust, and transparency.

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