SMI Members working on an Initiative

SMI is committed to shaping the future of our industry. SMI maximizes the knowledge and experience of the SMI Members for the benefit of the entire industry by working year-round in Initiative Teams that address some of the healthcare supply chain’s greatest challenges. SMI Initiative Teams focus on trying to develop real solutions to contemporary industry challenges. To date, SMI Teams have created and produced all of the SMI Tools and Resources that are available at no charge for download from this web site. 

> Current Initiatives

Best Practices in Resiliency Planning

The objective of this research collaboration between SMI, its members and NC State University is to support an initiative to understand how healthcare organizations and suppliers are responding to the threat of supply chain disruptions in a post-COVID pandemic world and to define the best practices in resilience planning for both healthcare providers and healthcare suppliers. The SMI Initiative involves a scoping process to understand the meaning and boundary conditions in which to consider supply chain resilience, the types of activities we are seeking to explore, and the desired outcomes for the study. Data collection has been conducted with an initiative team of SMI members; however, all input shared with the research team and that is submitted by a specific organization will be considered highly confidential and will not be shared, and in any published information, attribution of the source of the data will not be released.  For more information about this initiative or to join the team, contact Nancy Anderson at [email protected].


> Recently Completed Initiatives

SMI / SNS Collaboration

SMI and the SNS has created a collaboration council to allow for meaningful strategic dialogue between SNS leaders and SMI industry leaders focused on providing feedback and insight to support the successful evolution of SNS.  SMI serves as a conduit to support broad education on SNS to the healthcare marketplace. The SMI / SNS collaboration council meets quarterly and provides periodic updates based on their work together.  SMI is sharing this information with the industry and we invite you to view the webinar recordings and download the presentation materials here.

For more information about SMI Initiatives or to join a team, contact Nancy Anderson at [email protected].