SMI Members working on an Initiative

SMI is committed to shaping the future of our industry. SMI maximizes the knowledge and experience of the SMI Members for the benefit of the entire industry by working year-round in Initiative Teams that address some of the healthcare supply chain’s greatest challenges. SMI Initiative Teams focus on trying to develop real solutions to contemporary industry challenges. To date, SMI Teams have created and produced all of the SMI Tools and Resources that are available at no charge for download from this web site. The active Initiative Team efforts currently underway are:                              

> SMI Value Based Collaborations Initiative

Launched at the Spring 2018 Forum, this initiative will build on SMI’s past work and leadership in this area, and will focus on defining and measuring the value arising from true trading partner collaboration.  This Initiative Team is open to all SMI members and is especially in need of provider members. Our team will examine topics such as:

  • Exploring what collaboration means
  • Using business reviews to discover what customers really want
  • Joint Value Creation (Versus so-called “Risk Sharing”) Agreements
  • Exploration of “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO)
  • Developing better metrics and measuring the level of collaboration
  • Data transparency and sharing data in meaningful ways

> Business and Supply Continuity

Business and supply continuity is a major concern for the Healthcare Value Chain, especially in cases of emergencies or disasters. As weather becomes more extreme and the threat of pandemics or disease outbreaks increase, providers, distributors, and manufacturers may not be equipped to
respond effectively. Ensuring the availability of supply is one of the most important jobs we have as healthcare leaders, and it is something we stand a greater chance of doing if we work together as an industry. This initiative will discuss different opportunities for the SMI community to collaborate and jointly respond to and plan for potential threats to the supply chain. SMI members from the provider, distributor, collaborator, and manufacturing community are all urged to participate. Additionally, this initiative is a great opportunity for distributors and manufacturers to invite their supply chain and operations leadership to participate.

> Clinically-Integrated Supply Chain

Our newest initiative commenced at our Fall 2019 Forum, with valuable support from physician leaders. This SMI initiative will develop and publish a maturity model, to help assess a provider’s current level supply chain integration with clinical operations.  Additionally, this SMI initiative will develop and publish a playbook to help motivated supply chain function to deepen their clinical integration.  

For more information about SMI Initiatives or to join a team, contact Nancy Anderson at [email protected].