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The Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) is a member-driven consortium of industry thought-leaders united to shape the future of the healthcare supply chain to improve the healthcare marketplace in the United States.  SMI’s mission is to establish new standards of supply chain performance for delivering healthcare to patients and their communities.  Through SMI, provider and industry partner members discover an open, non-competitive environment for innovative idea-exchange and sharing best practices.  Members work together on initiative teams to develop tools that they can take back to their organizations and customize to meet their unique needs.  All of these tools are shared free of charge with the healthcare industry as SMI is dedicated to improving the entirety of the healthcare supply chain. 

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What Makes SMI Unique

  • SMI is a community comprised exclusively of supply chain thought leaders - hear what they have to say about SMI
  • SMI is not a passive organization, members are encouraged to join initiative teams which work to create tools that help industry leaders predict trends, assess needs, address challenges and incorporate best practices
  • SMI is a non-profit 501(c)(6) Corporation
  • SMI strives to have balance in the marketplace, equal numbers of providers and industry partners 
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SMI Tools

SMI is dedicated to improving the healthcare supply chain and to that end all findings / improvements / processes / established best practices are shared with the marketplace through white papers, industry meeting presentations, articles in national publications, and free access to final work products. All of our Tools are posted to this website and may be downloaded free of charge and used as is or tailored to meet the unique needs of an individual organization.  All we ask is that specific acknowledgement is made of SMI as the original author/developer.

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