SMI Members working on an Initiative

SMI is committed to shaping the future of our industry. SMI maximizes the knowledge and experience of the SMI Members for the benefit of the entire industry by working year-round in Initiative Teams that address some of the healthcare supply chain’s greatest challenges. SMI Initiative Teams focus on trying to develop real solutions to contemporary industry challenges. To date, SMI Teams have created and produced all of the SMI Tools and Resources that are available at no charge for download from this web site. The active Initiative Team efforts currently underway are: 

> The Perfect Relationship Initiative

Many current healthcare trading partner relationships remain tactically focused and highly transactional, rather than maturing to business relationships that focus on collaboration and transparency.  SMI sees the future of healthcare trading partner relationships as more strategic and partnership-driven.  This SMI Initiative Team’s goal is to define the characteristics of, and a pathway forward that will guide trading partners in the maturing of their business relationships toward a collaborative model. The Team hopes to document both a pathway to mature trading partner relationships and a way to measure the progress of these relationships as they mature toward fostering knowledge transfer and developing best practices.

> The Medical Device Recall Initiative

This SMI Initiative is working to bring the collective powers of SMI Members and their associates together to research, discover, document, and identify recommendations for changes in the regulation and management of medical device recalls, ultimately to reduce risk and improve care. Involving front-line professionals who work in the product recall space, this initiative hopes to yield recommendations for change that can improve the stakeholders’ performance when processing and responding to medical device recalls. Understanding the great variation in processes from one organization to the next, this initiative will not limit its scope to identifying a “best practice”, but will work to find answers to common pain points that are experienced by many stakeholders.  

> SMI Inclusive Leadership Initiative

In the healthcare supply chain profession,  the vital leadership role that women provide continues to expand and change, especially in today’s diverse and challenging marketplace.  SMI has embarked on this initiative to encourage continued progress in gender equality and diversity at the executive level and to create a venue for all SMI leaders to exchange career development information in support of both today and tomorrow’s emerging leaders. This SMI initiative will begin by identifying key topics of interest including unconscious bias, self-confidence and the role of men in developing women leaders.  Led by a distinctive and experienced group of SMI executives, this initiative team will share thoughts and insights on the key success factors for inclusive leadership in supply chain, with a look to the future and why recruiting and guiding a diverse team in supply chain is so important.  For more information, please contact Christine Dean at                                   

For more information about SMI Initiatives, contact Dennis Orthman at