SMI Vision - Mission - Goals

SMI has developed the following vision, mission, and goals as we strive to address industry issues and implement best practices to shape the future of the healthcare supply chain.


Healthcare supply chain executives from provider and industry communities united in shaping a transformed, efficient healthcare supply chain in support of quality healthcare delivery.


  • Create a forum of decision makers with a balanced structure for the development of collaborative, mutually beneficial solutions to healthcare supply chain issues.
  • Develop solutions in small, peer led, balanced, multi-disciplinary teams, supported by proven teamwork and solutions development processes.
  • Produce solutions to real problems within the industry for the benefit of the entire healthcare supply chain.
  • Promote best practices adoption through trans-formative leadership, focused advocacy and fostering of trust between trading partners.
  • Produce tangible value by focusing on strategically relevant, unique solutions (avoiding duplication of efforts with other organizations).


Raise the level of expected performance, new standards, improvement models and future trends for the advancement of healthcare delivery by:

  1. Maintaining a viable and sustainable not-for-­profit organization, both financially and otherwise.
  2. Producing consistently high quality and high member value Forums, and other events as deemed appropriate, while striking a balance between providers and suppliers in small productive environments.
  3. Demonstrating member value to be measured in part by maintaining a targeted retention rate for both provider and industry partners.
  4. Working to elevate the image of supply chain by (among other things) focusing on sharing, evolving and improving best practices within the membership and the industry at large.
  5. Involving provider and industry partners, collaborators, and others as appropriate, in member initiative teams focused on developing and promoting solutions to key challenges facing the healthcare supply chain; keeping the outcomes fresh and relevant.