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SMI | SNS Workgroup

The SMI | SNS workgroup was developed to allow for meaningful, strategic dialogue between SNS leaders and SMI members to exchange insights that support the successful evolution of the SNS.  SMI serves as a conduit to support the broad education efforts of the SNS to the healthcare marketplace.  SMI members are working on various pilot projects that create learning opportunities to support the SNS mission to supplement and re-supply state and local public health agencies in the event of an emergency.  In addition, the relationship serves to provide input to the SNS as they work to redesign the stockpile to better prepare for, and respond to, future emergencies.  SMI provides insight into the healthcare provider supply chain and the broader supply chain from manufacturer to consumption, and the SNS is using this insight as they develop version 2.0 of the stockpile.  This work will be an ongoing partnership to improve national, state, and local emergency response.

A History of the SMI | SNS Workgroup

  • July 2020 | First meeting of the SMI National and Regional Inventory Preparedness Initiative Team (quickly realized that any impact by SMI would need to include the SNS)
  • Q3 2020 | Drafted proposal for a Public-Private partnership between SMI and SNS
  • Q3 2020 | Established contact with SNS – thanks to Lisa Hohman, Christine Arme, and Elizabeth Hilla
  • Q4 2020 | Call with Steve Adams from SNS and SMI Initiative Team – agreed to work together
  • February 2021 | First meeting of SMI SNS Work Group
  • September 2021 | Industry SNS Webinar sponsored by SMI
  • 2022 | Supporting SNS mission of “Demystifying” and conducting a state project with NC

Current Project: North Carolina Demonstration Project

Understand and share best practice models from the healthcare perspective in North Carolina that includes elements that may scale to other states.

The discovery process:

  • What was the Federal, State, Hospital processes and how do they intersect?
  • How was data collected and used?
  • How were priorities for product distribution set?
  • What is the role of healthcare distributors in the SNS/State process?
  • How do we help healthcare organizations build relationships with the right people relative to State and SNS access before they need them – building the network?
  • How do we make certain the right product is available where it is most needed?

Tools & Resources