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Business Continuity Resources for COVID-19
Nancy Anderson John Lebowitz
By John Lebowitz, SMI Project Consultant, Business Continuity Initiative and Nancy Anderson, SMI Associate Executive Director

Please join us for this week’s SMI Huddle Call where John will talk about the resources discussed below and will be joined by Jim Francis from Mayo and Amanda Chawla from Stanford telling their Stories from the Trenches during this crisis.  Listen to this Huddle Call | Download the notes 

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For SMI COVID-19 Resources listed here and more:  https://www.smisupplychain.com/smi-covid-19

We realize everyone is highly focused on the daily struggle to find critical supplies, capacity for the influx of patients needing critical care, and resources to support the need. Thank you for everything you are doing!

Our work continues on the SMI Business Continuity Initiative with a focus on resources that can help the industry through this crisis, and we wanted to point you to a few tools and resources we have identified that we believe will be useful to the industry:

  •  Critical Product Lists and Cross Reference
    • GHX and Lumere have identified multiple manufacturers and distributors that supply "at-risk" products needed for COVID-19 care, and built a reference list, including potential supplier part numbers. Lumere is providing complimentary access to their research database through April 30, 2020.
    • We are continuing our development of a list of the top 100 comparative, critical products from SMI members and will share it once it's fully populated. If you haven't responded to our request for input, when time allows please send in your feedback on the items.
  • Associated References
  • Tools
    While SMI does not sponsor or market specific companies and tools, we thought these would be useful for you to see:
    • Resilinc recently announced the upcoming launch of The Exchange - an online marketplace where procurement organizations interact with each other across corporate and geographic boundaries to identify, locate and exchange critical products available from other similar organizations. Each organization will be able to list items they need and offer something they can spare, in exchange. The Exchange for Healthcare (hospitals and first line health care service providers) will launch on April 5th, and customers in the health care sector (hospitals, GPOs, distributors) will be able to participate on the Exchange free of charge for the COVID-19 response. Learn more and register at: https://theexchange.resilinc.com/healthcare/pre-registration/
    • Jump Technologies has opened their inventory tracking information for free to hospitals to cope with COVID-19. Go to www.jumptech.com/covid19

As part of SMI’s Huddle Call series on Thursdays at 4:00 ET, we will also be offering discussion topics on business continuity areas and will establish some "lessons learned" discussions and tools as the supply chain pain eases in the future.

Are there are any specific areas where you think we could help support the healthcare supply chain during this crisis? Are there other tools and resources you think would be helpful to your peers? If so, please feel free to contact either of us - John Lebowitz [email protected], or Nancy Anderson at [email protected].

Again, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication during these difficult times. It’s nothing less than heroic.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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