Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) Launches New Website for the Healthcare Supply Chain Industry

Westborough, MA (October 11, 2016):  Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI), a non-profit, member-driven consortium of industry thought-leaders, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website (  This comprehensive site is designed to help both SMI members and supply chain professionals around the world transform the healthcare supply chain.  

The site contains information about SMI including its membership, board of directors, collaborators and initiatives.  These initiatives are member-led teams that work to develop tools and resources that help address a specific industry need or solve challenges within the healthcare supply chain industry.   

Currently, SMI has multiple Initiative teams working on strategic industry challenges, including supply chain across the continuum of care and the perfect relationship. The supply chain across the continuum of care initiative team is researching current practices and exploring new models for managing a supply chain that extends beyond acute care sites to include physician offices, rehabilitation centers, patient homes, and other non-acute care sites.  The perfect relationship initiative team is working to develop a pathway to advance business relationships. 

The SMI website also contains over 40 tools in 19 different categories including value analysis, provider/supplier collaborations, UDI compliance, perfect order/perfect department methodology, vendor managed inventory, and vendor access guidelines. These tools, which include presentations, videos, cost calculators, executive briefings, case studies and software solutions, can be downloaded free of charge on the SMI website. 

Tom Hughes, Executive Director of SMI said, “As healthcare continues to evolve and shift, the new SMI website is designed to help move the industry forward.  Visitors to this site can utilize this resource to transform their supply chains as they work to meet the demands and challenges of the future.”

SMI will be hosting their twenty-second Forum October 25-27 in Denver where members and collaborators will come together to share ideas, learn from industry experts and work together to shape the future of the healthcare supply chain.

Visit the SMI website at:



The Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) is a non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to improving the supply chain through direct information exchange and collaboration between senior healthcare supply chain executives and senior IDN supply chain executives.  SMI members include healthcare providers, manufacturers, medical distributors, and other healthcare supply chain businesses.  SMI, created to influence, shape and advance the future of the healthcare marketplace, provides an open forum for innovative idea-exchange and the development of collaborative process improvement initiatives. The members of SMI have created over 29 downloadable tools and resources, available free of charge designed to help industry professionals address real supply chain challenges. For more information on SMI, including a complete list of members, visit: