Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) Releases New Industry Resource to Help Improve Supplier-Provider Collaborations

Scituate, MA (September 14, 2015):    The Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI®) today released a new industry resource called the SMI Collaboration Package which is designed to help improve and expand supplier-provider collaborations within the healthcare supply chain.

This multi tool resource contains four separate components:  (1) Best Practices Manual; (2) Educational Slide Deck; (3) Collaboration Case Studies; (4) Research Briefs, and are all available at no-charge on the SMI website:   These tools are designed to identify critical success factors and key best practices needed for successful buyer-seller collaborations.  

These tools were developed by a team of SMI members, all industry-thought leaders, who recognized that although the healthcare supply chain lags other industries in developing “outside-the-box” collaborations, there is tremendous value in developing these types of relationship for both parties.   The team spent months gathering research and conducting pilot programs to explore how collaborations might streamline supply chain efficiencies and improve patient care.   The information collected was used to develop a Best Practices Manual entitled “The Pathway to Collaboration,” which includes a checklist for choosing a collaborative partner, an example relationship charter, and business review guidelines.   The team also drafted case studies which chronicle the processes and key findings from various pilot programs.

Michael Ferris, Co-Founder, EVP Corporate Development for Management Health Solutions, Inc. and SMI team leader said, “As suppliers and providers look to navigate the challenges of new revenue models, it has become quite evident that both parties must change the way we collaborate.  Old sales models must evolve into new methodologies and suppliers and providers need to establish greater trust, communication, and transparency.”     Tom Hughes, SMI Executive Director said, “SMI members recognize the importance of developing supplier-provider collaborations.   It’s the foundation on which SMI was built.  We will continue to explore and develop this topic as we look to shape an improved healthcare supply chain for the future.” 

This new SMI Collaboration Package is available for download, at no cost on the SMI website at:  This resource, along with 29 other downloadable tools and solutions are available on the SMI website, and are designed to help industry professionals address real supply chain issues and challenges.