SMI Announces Support for GS1 US Industry Standards and Adoption Alignment With GS1 US

Scituate, MA (May 29, 2008): The Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI), a non-profit organization comprised of senior executives from 35 IDNs and 36 healthcare suppliers and service companies, today announced their support for the recent industry alignment efforts behind GS1 US and the GS1 set of data standards. SMI, a founding member of the Healthcare Supply Chain Standards Coalition (HSCSC), has actively supported efforts to unify healthcare supply chain stakeholders behind a common set of data standards with a common implementation effort.

The HSCSC recently announced unification with the GS1 US Healthcare adoption effort, following their 2007 recommendation for industry adoption of GS1 data standards. “The industry’s alignment with GS1 US, combined with the resources, guidance, and experience of the GS1 US professionals, helps position the healthcare supply chain as never before for the actual adoption of common global data standards,” said Carl Manley, SMI’s Chairman of the Board and Vice President of Supply Chain at Sentara Health. “It is now the time for action,” continued Manley. “Through industry adoption of the Global Location Number (GLN) and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), progress can be made to achieve a safer, more efficient supply chain.”

For the last three years, SMI’s members have actively supported HSCSC data standards efforts, creating standards “early adopter” workgroups, assuming leadership positions, and educating members. “One primary challenge has been the industry’s fragmentation of efforts and resources,” said Tom Hughes, Executive Director of SMI. “With GS1 US’s dedicated professional staff resources, industry adoption efforts are expected to accelerate.”

At the recent SMI Forum in Orlando, Dennis Harrison, President of GS1 US Healthcare, introduced SMI members to the GS1 organization, explaining GS1’s organization both globally and here in the United States. SMI’s Early Adopter Workgroups also met to review progress and lay the groundwork for their involvement with the GS1 US Committees.