SMI Membership Extends Beyond Healthcare

Scituate, MA (August 12, 2005):  Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) is making strides in the industry with its focus on shaping the future of the healthcare supply chain. Still in its infancy, the group has already extended beyond the healthcare industry with the addition of three new partners for whom healthcare represents only a portion of their business: Corporate Express, FedEx Kinko’s and UPS. 

“These new partners,” says Tom Hughes, Executive Director of SMI, “bring much to the table with their supply chain experiences that stretch well beyond healthcare. It has been our intent from the beginning to draw on successes from outside industries. We can learn a lot from these new partners as we all work collaboratively for a better tomorrow.”

About SMI: SMI is a not-for-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to improving the healthcare supply chain through direct interaction and collaboration among senior healthcare supply chain executives. The group will grow to no more than 40 IDNs and 40 Partners including manufacturers, distributors and service providers. SMI has been formed to influence, shape, and advance the future of the healthcare marketplace.

For more information on SMI contact Tom Hughes, Executive Director for SMI, at [email protected] or [email protected].