Benefits of Membership / Value

Core Value

Benefit Member Value
To be part of a unique and innovative not-for-profit healthcare supply chain organization that is 
completely results-driven
  • Help to move the healthcare supply chain industry forward
  • Shine the spotlight on your organization alongside other leading provider and industry partner organizations committed to transformational change
Build productive relationships with senior level healthcare supply chain executives
  • Help to foster greater trust between trading partners
  • Gain access to customers who are often difficult to approach (SMI strives to remain a small, nimble organization)
  • SMI is a safe place to have open and honest dialogue (no sales, marketing, or sponsorships are allowed - SMI is funded solely from member dues)
Attendance at 2 Forums per year
  • Learn from the industry experts and collaborators like AHRMM, HIDA, The Advisory Board, Gartner, MDSI, HPN
  • Network with members, all industry thought-leaders, to exchange ideas and share best practices
  • Reconnect with your customers – learn about their challenges and future opportunities
  • Gain new insights into decision making processes that can accelerate results and improve performance metrics
Participation in member-selected initiative teams to address challenges or fill a need in the industry 
  • Collaborate with providers and suppliers through productive, small group interactive work sessions
  • Learn from industry experts outside of healthcare 
  • Gain industry insight to create a roadmap for internal planning
  • Create tools and solutions for your organization and the industry at large
Create tools and solutions for your organization and the industry at large
  • Create software, guidelines, manuals, executive briefings, calculators, new strategies, and best practices
  • Increase knowledge in marketplace
  • Help the industry become more efficient and more effective
Access to all SMI2U Webinars for you and your colleagues
  • Explore ground-breaking topics 
  • Share access within your organization with colleagues including C-level executives
Attendance at all SMI special events
  • Get unprecedented access to state-of-the-art facilities like Intermountain Healthcare CSC, LeeSar, Staples Distribution Center, the CDC and the new Parkland Hospital
  • Observe cutting edge supply chain operations and meet the people behind the processes


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