Benefits of Membership / Value

Core Value

  • Membership is open to qualifying Provider and Industry Partner organizations (by invitation only) and comprised of senior level, thought leading supply chain executives, motivated as change agents, to create a consortium united in balancing the needs of both providers and suppliers.
  • SMI affords all its members a distinct voice in activities designed to tangibly improve the healthcare supply chain among an elite grouping of Provider and Industry Partner organizations committed to transformational change.
  • All members, Provider and Industry Partners alike, contribute financially to SMI demonstrating commitment and collaboration.
  • Specific healthcare supply chain improvement projects (initiatives) are selected and focused by the membership itself.  Work teams are self-selected and self-directed in face-to-face and voice-to-voice working sessions.  SMI staff provides team facilitation and information dissemination support.
  • SMI twice per year Forums create a venue for mutually beneficial collaboration between Provider and Industry Partners that is in other ways nearly impossible to achieve.  These Forums provide for a “hands on” interactive experience, unlike any other in the industry, and also offer direct opportunities to establish and foster professional relationships within this network of senior level IDN executives.
  • SMI is not-for-profit and totally results driven (improved healthcare supply chain outcomes) for the benefit of our members and the overall healthcare industry.
  • During the past year, SMI teams completed specific initiatives and distributed tools that can be found on the SMI website ( under Tools.     

SMI members realize more distinct value through the following:

  • Networking and connectivity with senior level supply chain innovators/decision makers on a first name basis
  • The size of the group allows for intimate exchange, providing quality/focused time with key leaders in the industry
  • Idea exchange versus fruitless debate through luncheon rounds, small group discussions and the power of demonstrated results
  • Rich collaboration versus wasted time through productive, small group initiative work sessions
  • Demonstrating individual and company knowledge, expertise and value to customers who are often very difficult to access
  • Gaining new insights into decision making processes through luncheon rounds and breakout sessions that can accelerate business results and be measured through business performance metrics
  • Ground floor involvement in health care supply chain change that helps cut down on missed opportunities and avoid duplication
  • Insight into key industry initiatives providing a roadmap for internal planning
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