Best Practices in Supplier-Provider Collaboration Initiative

TIn this new initiative, selected by SMI Members, this team is identifying and exploring the best practices, both in healthcare and in other industries, that create, maintain, and grow successful supplier-provider collaboartions. This new Initiative Team is first sharing knowledge and insights on collaboration creation and will begin to unlock the potential of supplier-provider alliances by identifying the value propositions for both trading partners.  Team members will conduct pilots to measure alliances that positively impact cost, quality and outcomes. This team will provide the industry with a best practice toolkit with education, insights and templates, as well as case-study examples with value propositions and barriers. SMI Members interested in participating in this initiative should contact Christine Dean for more information.

Future Best Practices in Value Analysis Initiative

Under the leadership of Mary Beth Lang of UPMC, this SMI Initiative Team has focused their efforts on exploring new models for value analysis programs that will meet the needs of the industry’s future. In many current cases, it is believed that the application and organization of value analysis programs in healthcare do not optimally support healthcare’s transition to producing quality patient outcomes. It is the hope of this team that value analysis in the future will be a recognized, understood, data-driven, evidence based, collaborative process that engages the appropriate stakeholders, including suppliers, in the review, analysis, and decision making about the many contributing factors, including supplies and devices, that contribute to  quality patient care.  . The work of this Team is expected to continue through the Fall of 2013 and new Initiative Team members are welcome.  SMI Members interested in joining this Team should contact Dennis Orthman.  

Low Cost Trading Partner Initiative

Lowering the high cost of SG&A in healthcare supply chain has been identified as an area that SMI and its members can positively influence.  SMI staff and members are currently in the planning stages of this project to determine the project mission, approaches, and educational requirements of Initiative team participants. This Initiative is expected to be officially launched at the SMI Spring 2013 Forum. SMI Members interested in participating in this initiative should contact Dennis Orthman for more information.

Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) Initiative

The work of the SMI Perfect Department Initiative Team has transitioned to the Supply Chain Optimization Initiative.   The goal of this new initiative team is to develop a set of metrics across the supply chain that can be used by two trading partners to identify, track, and measure their collective supply chain performance and identify specific actions that they each can take together to eliminate waste and create a more perfect supply chain.  The SMI Initiative Team is identifying metrics that are applicable to six “pillars” of optimization:  Plan, Price, Purchase, Fill, Receive, and Pay.   Team members will participate in pilot programs which will test and validate these metrics to share with the healthcare supply chain industry.  SMI Members interested in participating in this initiative should contact Dennis Orthman for more information.

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