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Data Standards



Data Standards

The Strategic Marketplace Initiative has been at the forefront of the industry's data standards  adoption effort since SMI was founded in 2005. 

SMI began working on data standards via a member-comprised Initiative Team focused on driving selection and adoption of the Global Location Number (GLN).  That SMI Initiative eventually led to the formation of a new industry group entitled the Healthcare Supply Chain Standards Coalition (HSCSC), where SMI joined forces with leaders from across the industry to focus on location identifiers. The HSCSC brought together a diverse group of industry stakeholders from across the entire supply chain to  help align the industry behind the GS1 family of standards, with the active energy and support of both SMI and many SMI members. HSCSC efforts were eventually merged into the work of the emerging GS1 Healthcare US organization.

SMI is a formal GS1 Standards Advocate, actively driving adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards through member support, pilot engagements, press releases, website communications, etc. SMI also serves as an active member of the GS1 Healthcare US Leadership Team, and many SMI members are extensively involved with GS1 implementation teams propelling the industry towards a single set of data standards. SMI’s Dennis Orthman is the SMI liaison with GS1 Healthcare US.  Dennis can be reached at


SMI Resources:

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February 2012

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June 2012

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May 2008 


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