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See the interview of Dennis Orthman, Senior Director of SMI with Scott Koegler, editor of at GS1 Connect 2012 about efforts within the healthcare industry to implement data standardization.

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The following educational programs are provided through GS1 and are all accessible via the GS1 Healthcare US website. These programs are designed to address the specific needs of the healthcare community in understanding the benefits of the GS1 Standards and its implementation in U.S. healthcare.

GS1 "Standards in Action" Video

Getting Started with GS1 Standards Standardization...Stat! video

Healthcare Toolkits

White papers:

Reference book

The Need for Data Standards in Healthcare
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Putting the Pieces Together: Driving Standards in the Healthcare Supply Chain
Report on the Survey and Assessment of MMIS Readiness
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Preparing for Serialization and Visibility within the U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: the 2015 Readiness Program from GS1 Healthcare US
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2010 GLN Sunrise Communications Package
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GPO Roster Pilot: Using GLNs in Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Roster Management
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